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Saturday, July 31, 2004

I Got Lists Like VH1

Article 3.87 Section 12 of the Pop Critic Guidebook mandates that I must start a separate blog where I list my top albums and singles of the year. You can find it here.

Some notable low-ballin' -

36. The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free
Terrific lyrics, brilliant concept, but where are the tunes? The idea of listening to literature doesn't interest me unless Morgan Freeman is reading it, but that's essentially all I'm getting here, cuz the hooks are either nonexistent or weak as Skinner's upper torso. It's a major letdown from OPM, which certainly had novelty on its side but also sounded scrappier, more playful and unorthodox, the ragtag beats 'n' tings definitely a better fit for those shaggy-dog tales than A Grand's whole-cloth narrative, which would seem to demand a bit more fittingly resplendent backdrop (any chance I get to use resplendent, I'm takin' it). Basically, I decided I only have room in my life this year for one thematic monstrosity, and it's Blueberry Boat, which is loads more fun.

More later (Wilco, Iron and Wine, Franz, and Junior Boys)...


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