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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Intro (3 White Angry Country Men)

I've come to the realization that in order to be Taken Seriously as a Music Journalist (ignore obvious oxymoronic implications), one must have A Blog where one posts Serious And Trenchant Treatises On The State Of Popular Music.  Or pictures of their cat.

For right now, however, I'm just gonna use the blog as a means to work out some of the ideas I have in my head, throw 'em against the wall and see what sticks, basically.  Hopefully using the blog to grapple with some of my arguments and crackpot theories will help me better articulate those concepts in my actual writing.

Music writing's pretty much the only thing I'm good at (edit: Music writing's the only thing at which I'm good?  Whatever).   Anyway, there's a bunch of other great writers out there, and while they might not see me as competition, I do see them that way, albeit in a friendly way, and hence I'm always pushing myself to be a better music writer (notice that I don't say "critic" - I've always hated that term and anytime people ask me what I do and I try to make myself sound slightly more important than a customer service representative (which is my full-time job), I tell 'em I'm a "music writer" - maybe it's just me, but the term "critic" implies much more of a snooty, discriminating nature, someone whose job it is to discern what's good from what's bad - which is only part of what I do - a passer of judgments and most likely an inveterate grouch).


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