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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Delta Blues

Got back Monday night from four days in New Orleans, details and hopefully pics to follow, first though I just have to share our *harrowing* saga of police harassment.

So we're on I-10 in Mississippi, about an hour or so outside of The Big Easy (apparently Reagen coined this term, which I didn't know until this past weekend, and hence I'm gonna try and never use it again). Jessica gets pulled, tells us she was only doing 74 in a 70, so right away we're a little wary. Cop comes over to the passenger side, tells her immediately to get out of the car and come around to the back, where he tells her she was speeding and then asks where the marijuana's at. She tells him she's got no idea what he's talking about, he comes back to the car, gives Zack some shit (prolly cos he's got long hair), tells us to roll down our windows, and then turns out the drug dog, who predictably makes the rounds and then starts going apeshit on the trunk, seriously jumping up on it, scratching the hell out of Jessica's car in the process. He informs us that he knows there's pot in the car, makes us all get out, then starts fine-toothing it. At this point I make a smart-ass aside about how he's probably gonna end up ticketing Jessica for speeding b/c he's not gonna find shit for drugs, at which point he orders his partner (ie. "good cop") to cuff me, then brings me around to the driver's seat where he magically produces a huge-ass bud. At this point I'm pretty sure we're all going to jail, or at least Jessica. I know her and Zack smoke a little so I'm not entirely sure this isn't theirs. I don't find out until later that there's no way it could be, Jessica says she never smokes in the car or allows anyone to bring shit in the car, and that regardless no one would have dropped that huge of a bud without knowing it. See, if I woulda been her or if it had been my car I would have lost it when I realized they were trying to plant shit on me, but I guess she figured best to just ride it out than accuse the cops. Anyway, they finished their search (never searched our persons, mind) and then told us they weren't after this kind of piddly crap, told Jessica to make sure and vaccum out her car more often or be more careful to whom she lent it (she claimed someone else must have dropped the bud, like I said at this point I wasn't sure it couldn't have been hers so I kept my mouth shut). Most inexplicably of all, the cop hands Lauren the bud and tells her to just get rid of it - she looks at him dumbfounded and just drops it in the grass. We drive on our merry way, completely clusterfucked and astounded and speechless, no speeding ticket or anything, in fact the whole thing woulda just been amusing anecdote fodder except for the fact that Sargeant Scraps seriously fucked up Jessica's trunk, scratches and gouges down to the metal.

The rest of the trip was fab, just wanted to get that ugliness out of the way. Anyway, I'm not saying we deserve anybody's pity or whatever, it was just some bullshit, if anything it made me feel ever sorrier for the people who have to deal with this kind of shit *and worse* every day of their lives. I have little doubt that if we weren't suburban white kids in a '97 Honda Accord we prolly woulda gotten roughed up a good bit more and maybe even spent the night in the pokey. So it goes, just a cautionary tale about driving through Mississippi at 2am fwiw.


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