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Thursday, August 05, 2004

It's A Family Affair

*Grudging Praise For Pitchfork Alert*

Hilarious interview with the Fiery Furnaces here.

Personal precursor:

*One thing I love about Eleanor and Matt is how they remind me of my relationship with my own younger sister, not terribly close but definitely mutually respectful, kind of contentious but usually in a playful manner, sharing the same sense of humor but still quite capable of rattling each other's nerves. I love her to death and I think she's super special, but yeah, the idea of spending five weeks locked in a room with her is kind of terrifying.*

Some choice quotes:

Eleanor, on singing Matt's lyrics:

Eleanor: Yes. I mean, it was strange because we weren't getting along at all while we were recording, and Matt would show up and be like, "Here are the words to the song, sing them now!" And I would literally just have five minutes and then have to sing it. It was really hard. At first I'd be like, "What is this shit? I don't want to sing this."

Matt: That's bullshit.

On what the sibs have in common:

Matt: It's what we have most in common, rock records. We don't really have anything else. Well, we like to play lawn sports.

Eleanor: Yeah.

Matt: Those are the things we have in common. We get along with that. Otherwise we don't really. We never really hang out, so it's lucky we're in a band together.

Eleanor: We can watch TV together, kind of.

Pitchfork: What does your family think of you being in a band together?

Matt: They like it.

Eleanor: They like it. And they're surprised, too, since we didn't get along really well. We were so lazy, not very ambitious, and we never made anything together at all as kids.

Matt: Nothing.

On pursuing their own muses, financial considerations be damned:

Eleanor: That's pretty much all I've listened to. I wish we could make an album [like] Another Side of Bob Dylan where the songs would be so good that we could do it in about a day-and-a-half. I think it could be great, where it's just guitar-- that would be our most popular one.

Matt: Well, we can't do that until we get dropped. When you have somebody who'll give you money for a record, you can't... I mean, when it's just you, and you have to go over to a friend's house [to record], and you have $600 to spend, you have to wait to make something interesting. That's the record that you make then.

Eleanor: But then we could just take all the money...

Matt: You can't take all the money!

Eleanor: I'm just kidding.


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