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Monday, September 13, 2004

Ashlee Simpson, Fantasy (the comma is VERY important)

I've been a slack-ass linker of late - here's me on Bjork, Clinic, and (scroll down, skip the Reggae Bob and Antibalas - not me), the World 2004 comp.

Even though I've given it a fairly-positive review in an upcoming issue of the Banner-Herald (promise I'll link this one on Thursday), I still can't quite bring myself to put Ashlee Simpson onto a CD-R. I'm pretty certain Lauren would leave me. Few would blame her (certainly not Burns, but maybe Timmerman).

Fantasy Football update - Looks like Todd "Radiohead Hater" Hutlock has got the drop on me this week thanks to his homophobic star wideout TO. Lackluster performances by Deuce McAllister, Corey Dillon, and Tony Gonzalez (three of my top four picks!) certainly didn't help my cause. Unless Ahman Green gets completely shut down AND Favre gets picked about 3 or 4 times (I've got Panthers D), looks like I'm staring down an 0-1 start.


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